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Owanbe is a Yoruba word that has found usage across other tribes in Nigeria and it is commonly used to describe parties. Literally translated as “it is there”, “owanbe” tries to summarize how grand your party was, from the food to the entertainment and even your guest list. From birthdays to weddings, to the funeral of the aged, if your party was fun, with lots of great food, good music and of course, gorgeous attires and a grand ambiance, it was described as owanbe.

Planning these owanbes isn’t quite easy, especially if you want the very best. This is why owanbeparries.com was created to make party planning easier. By showcasing the beautiful works of our featured owanbe vendors, we provide a platform where clients can have access to a wide array of all categories of vendors, thereby helping vendors connect with potential customers from all over.

Make-up Artists, Photographers, MCs, Event Planners, Event Decorators, Caterers, DJs, Aso-Ebi suppliers, Souvenir suppliers, Live Bands, whatever it is you do, owanbeparries.com  is a platform to showcase your products and services and increase your clientele.

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