7 Must-Visit Places in The World

If there is any habit I wouldn’t want to drop, it would be travelling. Why? Travelling means a whole lot of things to different people but to me, travelling is ME!

Do you feel old because you are just at one place almost every day of your life? Do you feel left out in the world? Sometimes, you see pictures of places or you hear people talk about interesting places they have been to. Does it get to you?

Well, this should help solve your problem.

This article would be dishing out to you some must-visit places in the world. Enjoy!

Exquisite Places To Visit Before The World Ends


 1.  The Great Wall of China: Some movie producers make use of this place because of the history around it, making it very special. Do you know that in the time the wall was being built, rice flour (glutinous) was used as a binding material? How unique! Also, according to the legends, a woman, Meng Jiangnu, cried because her husband died while building the wall and it caused the collapse of a particular section of the wall revealing the bones of her husband. It is also said that a million people died while building the wall, giving it the name “THE LONGEST CEMETERY ON PLANET EARTH”. The length of the wall is about 21,200.18 kilometers (13,190 miles).




2.   Rice Terrace Fields Of Longsheng, China: This is definitely one of the best places to visit. The terrace, it’s heavenly! It is certainly the most beautiful terrace in the world. The construction of the terrace began in the Ying dynasty, 1271-1368 and was later completed in the Qing dynasty, 1911. Also known as “DRAGON BACKBONE’S RICE” terraces, it was built with passion, wisdom, hard work and patience. The view differs as the weather changes. In spring, the terraces look like huge chains hung on the hillsides; in summer, green waves rush down the mountainside; in autumn, the mountainside is decorated with gold millets; while in winter, the mountain is covered in snow making it look like dragons are having fun in the water. You should definitely go there.


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3.  Machu Picchu, Peru: Machu Picchu means “Old peak” in the Quechua Indian language and as the name implies, it is REALLY OLD. It is 7000 feet high above sea level, having more than 150 buildings, comprising sanctuaries, temples, homes and cool baths. Of course, it is a wonderful place to ‘work out’- walk- because it has about a hundred stairs which were carved from stone slabs. It is tagged as one of the wonders of the earth. It is my favorite of the seven (7) must-visit places in the world.




4.  Monte Roraima, Boarder of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil: Mount Roraima is known as “the home of wildlife and vegetation”. This simply means that it comprises of different animals, wild animals and both common and rare plants. Its first climb was done by Everard im Thurn in 1884 before becoming the Governor of Fiji. The climb takes a couple of days; so, if you’re up to the task or you’re dying to go mountain climbing, this is the right place; and the view is pleasing to the eyes.

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5.  Gardens of Marqueyssac, France: It is of no doubt the most beautiful garden with its Italian style and its grand look. The garden of castle Marqueyssac consists of over seven (7) kilometers of alleys – shaded- with 100 year old hand-pruned box trees, beautified with waterways, grassy clearings, rotunda, gothic chapels and also playground for kids. It is simply for relaxation purpose.



6. Petra, Jordan: This is one of the oldest places in the world. It was constructed around 312BCE and known as “ONE OF THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD”. It was made by the ancient southern Arabs as a trade route connecting southern Asia and Greece. It is half-carved and half-built into a rock with slim canyon entrances, exits and trap doors. It also has lots of tombs, about 800 of them, giving it the name “ROYAL TOMBS”. It is a desert valley covered with rose-red colored hills (sandstones), giving it the name “ROSE CITY”. Apart from being called the royal tomb and rose city, it is also called the Land of treasures though its treasures, most of them actually, have being stolen due to structural slack. Do you remember Indiana Jones and the last crusade? The movie was shot here. It is a sight to behold, really. Ensure you bring back souvenirs like silverware and pottery. I would love to see them. *winks*

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7.  The Wave, United States: This wave cannot be rode! Reason is that it is sloped with ditches and waves of sandstone reaching about 5,300 feet above sea level. The wave can be found along the borders of the United States. It is one of the most interesting places photographers visit because of its beautiful view, anytime of the day. The wave has patterned lines comprising of different colors, almost like that of the rainbow. Entry isn’t by first come first serve. It is true that only twenty entries are permitted daily and they are decided by lottery. I advise that you do not walk on the edges because they break easily.


the wave


So, if you feel bored or tired of being stagnant, try visiting any of these seven (7) must-visit places in the world.

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