7 Hacks to Planning An Elegant Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Wedding Hack

Getting the perfect wedding is subjected to a whole lot of factors, the most important being your desires and your budget. Having your dream wedding might appear like a plot for mission impossible, but there are a few hacks you can make use of and get your dream wedding, without breaking the bank.

And remember, the perfect wedding is not as much about the glamour or money spent. It’s about the depth and feelings being celebrated that day. Living in penury after a social media blazing, show stopping, and talk-of-the-town wedding is foolhardy.

A perfectly planned and implemented wedding ceremony, thrown within your budget and with your favorite people around you, will give you the best memories ever. The first point to having a successful event is appropriate planning.

Wedding Hack

Wedding Hack: How to Save Money (Costs) on Your Wedding

#1     The Dress

Your wedding gown is one of the priciest pieces you would invest in. A large chunk of the wedding budget goes to the gown and is usually not recouped. To get the best off your wedding gown, there are various options open to you. The rental option is a viable one, if you are willing to use a gown that has been or will be used by some other person.

When considering this, remember, unless you are spending some pretty big bucks on getting a custom-made dress, your wedding gown is probably similar in style to a hundred others outside there. So using a rental makes no difference as a purchased one is probably useless after that one time.

Another option is getting a gown from a friend or family member, using a size the same with yours. If you decide to splurge on the custom designer gown, you could also make some of that money back by renting or selling the gown after your wedding. In the same vein, when getting shoes or weaves (weave-on), you would do well to get good quality ones which could serve you for a whole lot of wear after your wedding.

#2     Makeup

When picking a makeup artist, you could save some tens of thousands by using a family member or friend for your make up. Having good quality make up that is already tested and suited for your skin would make it easier to get your make up done and look more comfortable on you.

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If you get a makeup artist, you can save costs by scheduling your make up trials for your pre-wedding shots. That way you don’t have to pay for multiple sessions. Having all your wedding events — engagement and wedding ceremonies — on the same day is the surest way to saving housing or travelling costs for your makeup artists. Better still, instead of transporting your makeup artist, you can use a good one based in the city where your event will take place.

#3     Planner

Planning your event is a whole lot of fun and hard work. You could employ the services of a professional planner and save yourself and your family a whole lot of the stress. On the other hand, you can assign projects to specific friends and family members, by taking cognizance of their passions, hobbies or jobs and integrating them into aspects of the planning they will enjoy helping you with.

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This gives a personal touch to your day and it’s much more intimate. You also get to appreciate your friends and show them how important they are to you.

#4     Venue

Getting your dream venue could come with a very chunky price tag. To get popular wedding venues for lesser, you might want to look into booking for unpopular times or days to book the venue. Booking a venue for a late or earlier date in the year, or for a day other than the traditional wedding Saturday will mean less competition, and more flexibility.

Though closed halls are the popular trends now, doing an outdoor wedding will probably save you much more than the halls. Reach into the bohemian in you and get trendy with outdoor designs and preparations for a uniquely beautiful wedding.

#5     Music

Music is life. Most people have certain songs or collection of songs which stir specific memories, emotions or feelings associated with special moments. Making use of a DJ will give you the opportunity to put together your own special music collection for your big day. A live band might be your preference if you’d rather have the ‘live’ concert effect, but would cost more.

If you have your own music collection, you can save costs by having a tech and music savvy guest man the music stand for you. This way you only pay for the equipment or nothing at all.

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#6     Catering

You could save costs on your catering by limiting your guest list. A wedding should be an intimate affair to be celebrated with those that matter to you, and not a carnival for all and sundry.  Getting your own food items, and serving items might cut your costs if you can get bargain deals on them.

If you can’t or aren’t used to large scale food shopping, letting your caterer get them might be much more effective as most have pre-existing merchants who give them good deals. Getting a couple of really good bakers among your friends to make the cake to be served to guests could save you the cost of expensive cakes. You get to pay for only the cakes on display.

#7     Party favours

Getting your guests party favours shouldn’t be pocket draining. Getting some low cost knickknacks, which are convenient and functional can save you the costs. And there really is no rule on guests lugging home sackful of stuff; getting one good item should be enough for your guests.

Avoid impractical and common place items that they might already have tons, which just adds to their trash.

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