6 Dressing Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date

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Apart from the first day of high school, waiting to for news about your JAMB exam, and waiting to hear back from that dream job you applied for, there are a few things in life that are sure to make your palms sweat than a first date.

You begin to wonder: What if he or she is weird? If we run out of things to talk about, what do I do? What if the date turns out awkward? Which food/drink should I order? What shouldn’t I say?

Since you are no mind reader, and you can’t prepare for most of these scenarios ahead of time, the best thing to do is to stop thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. The only thing you can do is RELAX!!!

One thing, that you can, however, control is what you wear on the date. In terms of what to wear on a first date, there are so many rules floating around on the web to leave you extremely confused.

In the end, it’s all about what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.  That being said, here are tips (tested and trusted) to help you enjoy that first date without having a wardrobe malfunction.

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1. Stressing Out Too Much

You shouldn’t stress out too much about a first date outfit. It’s what you wear on the next few dates that matter.  How you dress after a first date can give your date an in-depth opinion on how you feel about them. For example, if you start dressing down, that most likely means that you’re becoming more comfortable with the person.

2. Wearing Something Out Of Your Hamper

Your best outfit for a first date isn’t that pair of jeans you’ve been rocking for a week. Chances are that they might have collected some stains and are probably stretched out. Instead, wear something fresh.  According to dating expert Chiara Atik, author of Modern Dating: A Field Guide, she told Stylecaster:

One of the ways to instantly make yourself attractive and more presentable to other people is your clothing. It’s not really about the label or trend; it’s about how well it fits, and the condition of your clothes.

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3. Bearing It All

Showing off much skin on a first date can be off-putting.  Instead, pick your favourite body assets to show off. Got killer arms or a flawless back? Then wear a strapless maxi dress. Or maybe you’ve got great legs. Then wear something short but not skimpy that flaunts your legs. Here’s what sexologist Nikki Goldstein told Yahoo:

It’s important to show one body part (legs, cleavage, shoulder, or back) when flashing some flesh or looking sexy. Anything more and you run the risk of being perceived as trashy or sexy.

Major point: Portray to your date as being seductively sexy, and not as bringing in all men.

4. Looking Unapproachable

If you look uncomfortable, chances are that your date is going to feel awkward around you. Therefore, wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

5. Too much Makeup

No, this is a no-no. You shouldn’t wear something that detracts from what you are saying. An example of this is wearing too much lipstick that it stains your teeth. Or your body glitter begins to decorate your table.

Major point: Find the balance. Don’t overdo it, but don’t under-do it either.

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6. Adjusting Yourself During The Date

No matter how many hours you’ve spent getting ready, there’s the possibility of suffering a wardrobe malfunction. However, instead of adjusting your bra or boobs at the table, excuse yourself to adjust in the restroom.  If it’s something that is obvious or likely to embarrass you, honesty is usually the best policy.

We hope that these tips will make dressing for that first date less stressful. Remember that it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good about yourself. And the most important thing is to just be yourself. Goodluck!

If you have further tips to share, kindly leave a comment below.

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