Wedding Tips

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7 avoidable mistakes brides make

7 Avoidable Mistakes Brides Makes During Their Wedding Week

Getting married can be one of the most exciting times of your life, or the most stressful. In all the chaos of planning, it’s easy to get caught up and …


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Wedding Night

Wedding Night: 5 Exciting Ways To Make It Perfect And Memorable

There is no denying the fact that the wedding night is one of the most-awaited and magical moments of a newlywed’s life. While you might have many fantasies about your …


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Honeymoon Ideas

Top 9 Creative and unexpected Honeymoon Ideas

You’ve just had a marvelous wedding with the partner man of your dreams. Next on the agenda is a honeymoon. Of course, romantic candles and erotic massages are sexy, but why don’t …


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Benefits of lime

18 Amazing Benefits of Lime for Skin, Hair, and Health

Lime is a very useful hybrid citrus fruit that has a lot of benefits. The natural acidic content of lime is very effective for the body and prevents a lot …


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5 Quick Tips To Stop Kid Temper Tantrums In Public

When a toddler throws a tantrum at home, you can remove him to another room, walk away, or simply ignore the whole thing. But when you’re out and about — …


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kunu zaki

How To Make Kunu Zaki In Simple Steps & It’s Health Benefits

Kunu Zaki drink is a popular drink made from whole grains of millet and sometimes sorghum or corn.  The variety of drink made from sorghum is a milky light-brown colour; …

my owanbe diary

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owanbe dairy episode 26

Owanbe Diary Episode 26

Hi guys, I have not exactly started my year on a turnt mode. I was so tired of January that I am glad February is here. My excitement is not …

Owanbe diary episode 25

Owanbe Diary Episode 25

owanbe dairy episode 26

Owanbe Diary Episode 24

owanbe dairy episode 26

My Owanbe Diary: Episode 23

owanbe dairy episode 26

My Owanbe Dairy: Episode 22